Glenn Morrison ‘Ambient Excursions For A Wispy Day’

Disconnected from all the hype and hyperbole of the cliquey club scene, Glenn Morrison has spent the past 6 years orbiting the outskirts of the dance community. This subtle resistance to being categorized as part of any dance floor fashion is what makes this artist so intriguing. Morrison stubbornly refuses to conform to any expectations. He has an almost instinctive ability to stay one step ahead of the crowd by doing everything fashion dictates he shouldn’t.

Emerging in 2005 from the post vinyl collapse era, flirting all the while with piano competitions and concert performances or his classical works, he has been lobbing perfectly irreverent house music at the sacred cows of convention ever since.

Rewind your mind back to the early part of the 2000’s, when Paul Rogers and Pete Heller were creating state of the art house and James Holden with his Border Community family was quirkily declaring ‘anything goes’.

Creeping artfully into this crazy house party came Morrison’s ridiculously catchy ‘No Sudden Moves’; the emotional multi-layered riffs from ‘Blue Skies With Linda’ and the feel-good prog record of the year with ‘Contact’ – all of which captured the emo-progressive house wave of the moment. Morrison mixed up dance beats with strong synth chords and atmospheric orchestrations, and introduced the swollen soundscapes of ‘80s electronica pieces to ‘90s British house beats.

“On ‘Dark Waters’ I fell into the trap of putting singles on albums,” Morrison concedes. “An album’s meant to be more than a collection of singles, otherwise it just smacks of amateur musicianship. There’s a definite difference between music that you sit down and get into and music that you bounce round doing the housework to. That’s the difference between albums and singles. And I’ve probably tried harder to do that this time than ever before by removing some of the dancey elements.”

Right off the gate with ‘Modern Classical’ we are introduced with bubbly synth riffs on a classical framework – enthralling, entrapping, and emblematic of the quality that we see for the remainder of the long form album. Some pieces like ‘Glimpse’ and ‘I Love You’ are hovering just shy of 15 minutes in length – this music is intended for the faded nights, the meditative, the calm.

We are proud to unveil Glenn’s latest artistic album offering, and for all news please go to your friendly Google and search for Glenn Morrison on your favourite portals. We will be pressing limited edition vinyl and check us out on the Alpine Mastering website and store for all label updates. Thank you for your support after all of these years.

This release will be serviced through Your Army Promo (UK) – for all DJ support and radio spins please speak with Tom and Will Brigham. Ambient Wave Records / Sony Music 2021.